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Hydrokinetic pico-turbines can be used in hundreds thousands location in the world :


  • rivers,
  • channels,
  • estuaries,
  • seacoasts,
  • and atoll channels…


Ideally they require an average water flow over 1 m3/s and a current velocity over 1m/s. From there, they provide an endless source of energy.


Hydrokinetic pico-turbines are simple, robust and versatile. Their installation does not require heavy works and can be done by local companies. Their maintenance is light and simple, no special expertise is needed.


EcoCinetic hydrokinetic pico-turbines have been designed to integrate within the existing environment with minimal impact. Complying with European provisions on water courses protection, they offer an exceptionnal energy payback ratio.


Installing and operating hydrokinetic pico-turbines is fully environmental friendly:


  • no need for a waterfall,
  • no modification of rivers profile,
  • no obstruction to the flow of the rivers,
  • no disturbance neither to aquatic life nor to fishes migration,
  • no sediment accumulation,
  • no emission of greenhouse gases,
  • no inconvenience to river users and neighbours.


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