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December 11th 2017 panel at l'UNESCO

Ecocinetic presentation


Hydrokinetic pico-turbines: a clean and low cost energy

EcoCinetic has developped a revolutionnary hydrokinetic turbine.

EcoCinetic manufactures small hydrokinetic turbine and generator combinations for production of 2-25kW electricity from free flowing rivers and estuaries.


Many advantages of this solution:

- The system is simply lifted into the water and requires no engineering, no dams, or other permanent fixtures.

- The system can also be lifted off during floods, or moved to another site.

- Ecological impact is insignificant and it will not disturb aquatic life because of low rotational speed.

- Slow speed and robust low cost construction makes it affordable and also gives the system long and maintenance free life time. - - Turbines comply with environmental regulations.

- Suitable for universal use in deep and shallow rivers and estuaries.

- Thanks to their small size and their modular design, pico-turbines adapt to most rivers having free water flow from 1 meter per second and up.

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Wednesday 08 november 2017
In october 2017 EcoCinetic has been awarded with H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. [...]


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